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Spectra2|SE2 Software VoIP/IMS Analyser/Tester/Load Old

Spectra2|SE2 Conformance Testing for Today's IP Telephony. Software-Only Test Solution Spectra2 SE2 provides a cost-effective, software-only solution for protocol and media testing.

This testing solution operates on:

  • Laptop or Desktop
  • Windows XP / Vista /Windows 7 32 bit

The Spectra2 SE2 software-only VoIP testing solution provides Spectra2 VoIP monitoring, conformance and functional testing capabilities in a single-user version that runs from any Windows PC. Support for protocol testing and load generation delivers versatility and flexibility in a portable, integrated application. For users who want cost-effective VoIP monitoring, conformance and functional testing, Spectra2 SE2 is the solution for you. For the latest up to date information please also visit the Spectra2 microsite at:

Spectra2 SE2 makes your testing requirements cost-effective with a variety of features:

  • Load/Stress Testing
    Generate limited signaling and media traffic to load/stress test your IMS/TISPAN and VoIP networks and validate network performance; for higher performance load testing.
  • Conformance Testing
    Perform VoIP conformance testing using a collection of VoIP test suites provided to verify protocol compliance to standards specifications
  • Functional Testing
    Verify feature performance by running empirical VoIP functional test cases to validate feature performance
  • Media/QoS Evaluation
    Measure media service quality based on PESQ and passive QoS analysis
  • Network Monitoring
    Monitor your IMS/TISPAN and VoIP networks for system maintenance to verify system performance

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • Network Interface Card (NIC) - upto 8 NICs supported
  • Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 32 bit
  • 512 MB memory
  • 1 GB free space
  • Intel® Processor

Protocol Support

  • H.323
  • SIP
  • SIP-T
  • Diameter
  • MGCP
  • Megaco (Binary and Text)
  • RTP
  • RTCP
  • Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)

Spectra2 SE2 VoIP Applications Spectra2|SE2 is a software-only solution designed to provide a flexible, portable way to perform on-site and remote VoIP network testing. Spectra2|SE2 supports a full range of applications to perform VoIP monitoring, conformance and functional testing, protocol testing and load generation. This powerful VoIP subset of the Spectra2 testing platform is delivered in a portable application designed to run on any Windows-based PC or laptop. For cost-effective VoIP monitoring, conformance and functional testing, choose Spectra2|SE2.

Portable, Integrated
Spectra2|SE2 can Monitor, Test and Generate VoIP from a portable PC-based solution. Users can perform multi-protocol analysis of H.323, SIP, Diameter, MGCP, Megaco, RTP, and RTCP. Spectra2|SE can also test VoIP and IMS networks with using the easy-to-learn, easy-to-use scripting interface, using VoIP Analyzer, VoIP protocol and Diameter packages for Spectra2|SE2 that support H.323, SIP, Diameter, MGCP, Megaco and RTP/RTCP. Each testing package comes complete with packaged test suites and PDUs.

The RTP QoS Testing Package runs on the Spectra2|SE2 software-only platform and includes RTP Injection, Capture, and PESQ analysis. Voice QoS features include the ability to measure voice quality with Spectra2's active and passive voice QoS Tools. Spectra2|SE2 can also generate VoIP calls at 10 cps. The simplified GUI makes it easy to provision call models with simultaneous signalling and media to validate network signalling and media delivery.

Spectra2|SE2 can perform enhanced SIP Get/Put and Fault Analysis. Users can manipulate any SIP parameters in Spectra2 Generator via the sophisticated SIP Get/Put tool. Users can also perform Multi-Protocol Call Trace (MPCT) and Failed Call Analysis in Spectra2s Capture Analyzer, saving time and testing resources.

Release 7.3 introduces Spectra2|SE2, the next generation of Spectra2|SE. Spectra2|SE2 is a software only product that is designed to run on off-the-shelf hardware to enable our customers to test with all the power of a Spectra2 hardware based solution Spectra2|SE2 provides the following new capabilities:

• Grow beyond a single Ethernet Port up to 8 simultaneous Gigabit Ethernet ports by   adding off-the-shelf NICSs
• Extend IP Address Support up to 32K IP addresses per Gigabit Ethernet Port
• Enable the capability of high volume load testing by extending traffic generation capabilities
• Automate and Control the Spectra2|SE2 using an API
• Utilize your existing PC or server hardware running Windows XP or Window 7 (32 bit) machine for functional load, media, monitoring and trouble shooting
• Existing Spectra2|SE customers receive Spectra2|SE2 benefits upon upgrade

Use Cases include:

• Enabling your field validation and support teams with the ability to perform multi-protocol cross domain testing and troubleshooting of call control and media from their existing laptops
• Leverage your existing hardware investment by adding a software-only test option
• Test NGN VoIP protocols (SIP, H.323, MGCP, H.248, Diameter) from the desktop concurrently with
• PSTN protocols (ISUP, BICC, MAP, AIN, INCS, etc) using SIGTRAN transport
• Use Spectra2|SE2 as a low cost point monitoring solution for IP protocols
and more…

Spectra2|SE Software-only IMS and VoIP Testing Solution

Spectra2's Total Test Solution
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