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Fluke 990DSL CopperProâ„¢ Series II Broadband Loop Tester


Fluke 990DSL CopperPro Series II Broadband Loop Tester

The CopperPro Series II is the complete test set for qualifying your local loop for DSL Services including ADSL, ADSL2/2+, VDSL and Special Services

At a Glance

  • Quickly qualify the facilities for DSL services including ADSL, VDSL, HDSL, T1, and other special services.
  • Easily identify and locate possible problems to ensure reliable performance.
  • Install new services efficiently with fewer call-backs.
  • Verify connectivity and network performance to ensure that next-generation services perform up to your customers' expectations.

Product Capabilities

CopperPro Series II is the latest generation of the leading copper loop test and analysis test sets. It provides a complete range of troubleshooting, fault locating, testing and qualification capabilities, all in a rugged, handheld easy-to-use DSL test set. New features include broadband noise identification for VDSL, advanced TDR capabilities for locating short bridge taps and other VDSL affecting impairments, and an optional VDSL modem for verifying service connectivity and performance.

Streamline trouble calls

Step-by-step instructions make CopperPro Series II a breeze to set up. Use the unique TDR Auto-Test to:
• Zero in on faults such as short bridge taps and shorted or open pairs.
• Count and locate load coils.
• Locate high resistance faults precisely, no matter the cable makeup.
• Easily identify the source of broadbandinterference and impulse noise, up to VDSL bandwidth.

Expedite installation and maintenance Fluke Copperpro

CopperPro Series II makes fast work of installing and maintaining service.
The one-button POTS Auto-Test quickly documents status before and after work is complete. The CopperPro also gives you a clear view of all the basic tests you need to ensure top performance, including:

• AC and DC voltage
• Loop current
• Circuit noise
• Balance and leakage
• CallerID/ANI

Plus, you can quickly run loss and slope tests with its automated dial-up testing, and use the built-in dial set with phone number storage. You can also verify xDSL connectivity, performance and capacity up to VDSL rates with optional xDSL golden modems


Fluke Copperpro Series II Product Brochure

Fluke Golden Modem Options For Copperpro Series II Data Sheet
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