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Spectra 2 Core

Voice Quality Testing

Spectra2 Legacy/Mobile Core Testing

Legacy/Mobile Core Test 

Spectra2 enables testing legacy and mobile circuit switched networks, including PSTN, SS7, and ISDN networks.  It offers features for the widest variety of testing scenerios - giving you flexibility in your testing needs

Load/Stress Testing
Generate signaling and media traffic to load/stress test your legacy and mobile networks to validate network performance

Functional Testing
Verify messages, parameters, and procedures for SS7-based nodes, including SSP, STP, SCP, HLR, MSC, and other nodes

Media/QoS Evaluation
Measure media service quality based on MOS, PESQ, R-factor, and other algorithms

Network Monitoring
Monitor your legacy and mobile core networks to capture data and analyze statistical results using call trace, message filtering, and message decode features

Spectra2 Legacy/Mobile Core Test Solutions

Total testing solutions for PSTN, SS7, ISDN, and mobile circuit switched core networks.

Spectra2 offers the following features for the widest variety of testing scenerios - giving you flexibility in your testing needs:

Spectra 2 Legacy Mobile Core Test


Spectra2 Total Test Solution for Next Generation (NGN) and Legacy Telecom Networks

Today's telecom networks are experiencing the convergence between legacy and emerging technologies. While legacy networks (PSTN/SS7, ISDN, VoIP, and GSM) continue to offer telecom services, emerging technologies provide opportunities for new value-added services. The trick is... how to make the legacy work seamless with the emerging.

This document has been designed to provide you an overview of NGN functional elements, protocols, and media along with a catalog of how Spectra2's Total Test Solution helps you deliver on the promise of the NGN.

Spectra2's Total Test Solution
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