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NetOptics Phantom HD High-Throughput Tunneling Appliance

Virtual TAPs for Virtualised Environments

NetOptics Phantom HD Virtualization Tap for Network Monitoring Across the Cloud

Limitless Network Access Solution. High-Throughput Tunneling Appliance. Total visibility security and control

Total Visibility for Network Monitoring Across the Cloud 
Phantom HD is the leading-edge solution that bridges your physical and virtual networks for total visibility, security and control. This versatile appliance delivers superior efficiency, dramatic cost savings, and the ability to handle more bandwidth than anything on the market. Phantom HD speeds traffic of interest across sites, locations, devices, the cloud and providers at 10 Gbps, offering a single aggregation point for inspecting both virtual and physical network traffic. Not only that—Phantom HD eliminates the vulnerable security “blind spot” that emerges when consolidating servers into a virtualized computing environment.

Ultra-high Efficiency in Handling Virtual and Physical Traffic NetOptics_CRN_VMworld
Phantom HD is a powerful solution that terminates and decapsulates virtual traffic tunneled from the Phantom Virtualization Tap™ at 10 Gbps—turning it back into raw physical monitoring traffic and defragmenting packets in the process. From there, it transports raw traffic of interest at 10Gbps from your virtual network to your instrumentation layer for monitoring. Phantom HD also encapsulates packets to speed monitoring traffic from remote locations such as branch offices over any IP network to a centralized bank of monitoring tools. It easily handles traffic from many virtual servers on multiple hypervisors and ESXs—providing connections for tunneled and raw traffic through Fiber SR 10 Gigabit ports.

Tapping Into Your Network’s Full Potential 
With Phantom HD, you use your network’s instrumentation layer to its full value and extent. You see the inspection layer as one coherent picture for quick issue detection and resolution. Phantom HD shortens inspection time and compliance audits. Its data consolidation lets you do more with a smaller staff. Phantom HD is remarkably easy to deploy and flexible to manage using its own CLI, the Director CLI or the Indigo Pro management system, Simply plug it in, configure your IP addresses—and begin encapsulating and decapsulating traffic.

The Phantom Solution™ for Remote Office Efficiency 
The Phantom Solution converges your remote and data center monitoring infrastructures, allowing network traffic from remote locations to be transported, stored, and inspected at one central control site. The Phantom Solution empowers your network with superior visibility and the capability to process higher data bandwidths cost-efficiently. Now an IDS cluster in a central location can monitor traffic from remote offices while you economize on personnel, licensing costs, time, and resources. 

Total Visibility Meets Your Compliance and Security Needs
Whatever industry you’re in, you’re challenged to document your compliance with a growing body of regulations. Phantom HD streamlines compliance audits and record-keeping. Total visibility and support for high-throughput monitoring of all virtualized data center traffic streamlines audit activities and compliance with regulations such as NERC, HIPAA, and PCI-DDS. Protecting confidential data from threats and intrusion is an important function of Phantom HD. Total visibility into both virtual and physical networks offers a significant security advantage. Service Providers can introduce popular new services and fulfill SLAs without corruption or latency concerns.

Phantom HD lets you take full advantage of the efficiency and economy of virtual computing while preserving the value of your physical implementation. Think of it as your key to 100 percent visibility and vastly improved security.

Passive, Secure Technology

  • Supports monitoring of all virtualized data center traffic with Net Optics Phantom Virtualization Tap at high-throughput
  • Delivers overall capacity of 20 Gbps in 1U rack-mount appliance 
  • Encapsulates or decapsulates tunneled traffic at 10 Gbps 
  • Initiates and terminates encapsulation tunnels
  • Encapsulates and tunnels raw traffic to remote monitoring switch or tool at 10 Gbps 
  • Handles fragmentation and defragmentation of tunneled packets

Ease of Use

  • Managed either directly or through Net Optics Director family appliances
  • Optimized for use with Net Optics Phantom Virtualization Tap 
  • Enables monitoring of virtual network traffic in a virtualized computing infrastructure with physical tools 
  • Improves network visibility and security threat management in virtualized computing environments 
  • Deploys quickly and simply

Specifications, chassis

Purpose: Encapsulates/decapsulates tunneled tra­ c for extraction and transport of packets to monitoring switch or tool. Advanced header manipulations for visibility of raw packets.
Tunneling protocol: GRE, RSPAN, ERSPAN
Fragmentation: Automatic defragmentation
Throughput: Up to 20 Gbps full-duplex
Device management: Direct (SSH), or through Net Optics Director (requires software version 5.x and above). Director management is separate

Operating temperature: 0°C to 35°C
Storage temperature: -10°C to 70°C
Relative humidity: 10% min, 95% max, non-condensing

Dimensions: 1.75” high x 23.5” deep x 19” wide
Mounting: 19” rack mount (1U)
Weight: 26 lbs (11.8kg)

Tunnel in: Up to (2) 10 Gbps SFP+
Data out: Up to (2) 10 Gbps SFP+
Management: 100 Mbps RJ-45
Console: RS-232 serial DB9

Electrical Specfi­cations
Power: 100-240VAC, 47-63Hz 650W PFC
Redundancy: Dual modules
Maintenance: Power supplies are hot-swappable

Power, disk activity, network 1 activity, network 2 activity, over-temperature warning


FCC, CE, VCCI, and C-Tick certifed
Fully RoHS and WEEE compliant

System Requirements
Net Optics Phantom Virtualization Tap or other source of tunneled tra­ffic

All products require an advanced replacement service plan. Service plans with 1 to 5 years coverage are available.

Part Numbers
PT-HD-10-E Phantom HD Appliance,
10G Throughput, Encapsulation
PT-HD-10-D Phantom HD Appliance
10G Throughput, Decapsulation
PT-HD-20-EE Phantom HD Appliance
20G Throughput, Encapsulation
PT-HD-20-DE Phantom HD Appliance,
10G Throughput, Encapsulation
10G Throughput, Decapsulation
PT-HD-20-DD Phantom HD Appliance,
20G Throughput, Decapsulation

SFP Transceiver Module Kits*:
SFP+KT-50SR Module Kit, 10G, Multimode, Fiber, 50μm, w/Cable
SFP+KT-SR Module Kit, 10G, Multimode, Fiber, w/Cable
SFP+KT-LR Module Kit, 10G, Singlemode, Fiber, w/Cable
* One SFP+ transceiver module is required in Director / Director xStream / xBalancer to connect to Phantom HD


NetOptics Phantom HD High-Throughput Tunneling Appliance - Data Sheet

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