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Arcatech Harmony ISDN Analogue Voip Bulk Call Generator Simulator

Intelligent Load & Stress Testing

Arcatech Harmony Analogue ISDN VoIP Bulk Call Generator

Arcatech formally Arca Technologies provides a complete range of VoIP, ISDN, xDSL, V5.1, V5.2 and PSTN test and simulation equipment.

The emutel™|Harmony Bulk Call Generator and network simulator is a highly efficient, cost-effective and flexible tool, invaluable for use in the development, performance verification and pre-deployment testing of many types of VoIP, ISDN and analog equipment.

emutel™|Harmony combines comprehensive load testing and network simulation capabilities, detailed protocol analysis, extensive call statistics and quality of service measurements in an easily affordable and user-friendly package.

The emutel™|Harmony’s modular architecture provides a powerful, robust platform that can be tailored to meet your current testing requirements and expanded to include additional options as your needs evolve. A single system can provide anything from 1 to 15 ethernet interfaces, 8 to 120 E1/T1 interfaces, 16 to 240 analog interfaces or any combination of the above.

An advanced Bulk Call generator, emutel™|Harmony provides an integrated IP platform allowing you to completely surround a device under test. This wrap-around performance testing enables end-to-end call routing and ensures seamless communication between IP-based equipment and legacy networks.

Comprehensive Test Results:
• Real time call statistics to measure performance, functionality and capacity of the device under test.
• Voice Quality Measurement using PESQ and path verification.
• Extensive, built-in Protocol Analysis helps you locate, identify and rectify any performance, protocol or functional issues.
• Download and play any G.711 wave files (µlaw and A-law) or record your own and upload to the emutelTM|Harmony.
• Generate fixed pattern RTP streams in any of the supported CODECs
• Audio Monitoring of channels
• Comprehensive Test Results:
Arcatech Harmony VoIP ISDN Analogue Bulk Call Generator

The following configurations and options are available on emutel|Harmony

Chassis Options

  • 2U Chassis: 1 x System Controller,
    1 x Line Card Rackmount or Desktop - W: 482mm x H: 85mm x D: 347mm
  • 4U Chassis: 1 x System Controller,
    5 x Line card Rackmount or Desktop - W: 449mm x H: 177mm x D: 431mm
  • 8U Chassis: 1 x System Controller,
    15 x Line card Rackmount or Desktop - W: 449mm x H: 355mm x D: 431mm
Line Card Options

  • LAN: 4 x 10/100BaseT auto-sensing Ethernet and 1 GigaBit Ethernet interfaces
  • E1 T1 J1: 8 interfaces (NT/TE switchable)
  • BRI: 8 port U Interfaces
  • BRI: 8 port S Interfaces
  • Analog FXO: 16 interfaces
  • Multi- function: 2 port E1/T1/J1 & 8 port FXO
    • Optional 8 port FXS
    • Optional 4 port BRI-S
Protocol Options

  • SIP
  • H.323
  • DASS2: BTNR 190
  • DPNSS: BTNR 188 & BTNR 189
  • ISDN PRI: Euro-ISDN, North American & NTT variants
  • ISDN BRI: Euro-ISDN, North American & NTT variants
  • T1 CAS, Robbed Bit Signalling and pulse dialling
  • Analog Loop Start and Ground Start

Arca Harmony Compact

Arca Hamony Developer

Arca Harmony Enterprise

A suite of powerful and intuitive Windows based applications lets you quickly and easily design, run and review test sequences on the emutel™|Harmony:

The Harmony Composer application has a unique drag-and-drop functionality providing a painfree approach to writing complex test scripts. Simply choose from an extensive gallery of call components, set the required parameters for each component and compile the script.

The Harmony Conductor is the control application which lets you run scripts and view call statistics, call rates, QoS measurements and Protocol Analysis.

Test results and analysis are clearly presented in both tabular and graphical format enabling you to easily pinpoint and rectify any performance, protocol or functional difficulties. Results can be recorded and exported to other standard applications for further review and analysis.

emutel™|Harmony allows high capacity testing generating up to 75,000 simultaneous SIP calls, 15,000 simultaneous H.323 calls or 3,600 ISDN calls per system. When running Bulk Call tests, you can achieve rates of over 6 million ISDN calls per hour, 4 million SIP calls per hour and 1 million H.323 calls per hour

Arcatech Harmony Analogue/ISDN/VoIP Bulk Call Generator / Simulator - Datasheet
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